Why Agents Should Join


South Africans are vibrant, energetic, innovative individuals with drive - and we just love that.

Fortitude South Africa is an electronic Business Index - with a difference. We focus mainly on the Consumers - actively engaging with Consumers.

Fortitude South Africa Agents recruit Businesses and Service Providers, to list on the

Fortitude South Africa Business Index.

The Fortitude South Africa Marketing Team then markets the Businesses, Products and Services of the Businesses listed on the Fortitude South Africa Business Index, to the thousands of Consumers in South Africa as well as globally.

We often find that a person has everything it takes to make a success of a small business, but there's just one thing missing - whatever that may be in your case. We're certain - if you're reading this - you may be interested in becoming a Fortitude South Africa Agent?

Fortitude South Africa has an infrastructure of note - enabling many South Africans with immense potential, to achieve their own goals and objectives - in their own time, at their own pace.

The image below refers - this is how the process works -


1) Fortitude South Africa consists of a world-class fully integrated electronic infrastructure - that we want to share with you.

2) The Internet currently has in the region of 3 000 000 000 users globally - that is Wow!

3) We have a full-blown auto responder email service integrated into our infrastructure, allowing us to communicate with every interested party - with ease.

4) Successful Fortitude South Africa Agents have an ongoing growing group of prospects that they interact with, and introduce to the exciting world of Fortitude South Africa - by means of our solid infrastructure and marketing mechanisms.

5) Crucial to the success of everyone - our valued Fortitude South Africa Agents - snazzy, successful and with oomph.

6) Our Fortitude South Africa Agents utilize our infrastructure, knowledge, experience and mentorship to the full, ensuring their financial success.

Let's have a quick look at how easy it is to build your recurring commission to a significant amount every month. Herewith a proposed plan -

Set aside a few hours every day. Contact prospects using any channel available to you -

- Phone your prospects

- Visit your prospects personally

- Contact your prospects on FaceBook

- eMail your prospects

Get into the mode of recruiting five active signed-up business owners every day. Within five days you'll have twenty-five paying business owners, and withing four weeks you'll have your one hundred paying business owners signed up.

Repeat this in month two and three, and you'll have three hundred paying business owners signed up by the end of month three.

Some examples of possible commission earnings below......


we offer you our infrastructure, training and mentorship. Add your drive, passion and commitment and voila!!

Ask yourself the question - What more do I require, to achieve my goals?....

Complete your detail below - absolutely no obligation - and we'll send you more information on our very lucrative Fortitude South Africa Agent Programme.



(Please ensure that you have This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as contact in you email service. We make use of photos and videos in most of our communications. Please check all your folders in your email service, for emails from us, once you've submitted your detail to us).


 Should you have any questions, drop us an email to agents@fortitudesa.com

Note: Please discuss the income tax implications with your tax consultant.