How Does This Work?

Herewith a brief overview of the Fortitude South Africa Business Concept - focusing on the three main business streams - Business Owners, Consumers and Agents (including Referrers and External Agent Managers)

This is not rocket science at all - simple, easy and straightforward....

You as a Business Owner list your business on the Fortitude South Africa Business Index.

The minute we've received the detail of your Business and your payment reflects in our bank account, we upload the detail of your business onto the Fortitude South Africa Business Index, and start marketing your business.

Dó we know about marketing!


There are three possible levels of exposure on the Fortitude South Africa Business Index.

The crux of the matter is truly - You Join, We Market, You Coin...

Herewith an example of a Fortitude Package Listing.

Note - Consumers may query the Business Index for your products and services.

They may 1) Submit a review 2) Recommend your business and products to others via email, 3) Print the detail of your business 4) Visit your web site, FaceBook page, blog, LinkedIn profile and all other links available 5) Report any issues in confidence - enabling you to ensure world-class customer satisfaction at all time.

All of this for as little as -

Free Listings, Budget Listings @ R50 per month or Fortitude Listings @ R100 per month.

Never in your wildest dreams will you even closely match what Fortitude South Africa has to offer.

We furthermore offer further Wow! exposure on our Featured and Propitious Businesses Pages, special offers, competition, prizes, knowledge sharing, events and more....

Visit our Business Owner's Page  where you can learn all the detail.


All you need to do is - submit your detail, and the fun begins......


You may query the Fortitude South Africa Business Index for every possible Product, Business and Service you may require.

Interact with the Business Owners, and recommend to your friends....


Don your adventurous hat and join in the fun at the Fortitude South Africa Consumer Carousel - never ending fun, enjoyment, special offers, competitions, prizes, knowledge sharing - you name it!

also - an opportunity to "make your voice heard" - and be heard.....


Visit our Consumer's Page  where everything is explained in detail



Never has it been easier and more secure, to earn that passive, recurring income - on a full-time or part-time basis - we all know supermarket owners, doctors, dentists, florists, garage owners - you name it.... tap off our infrastructure, vast global knowledge, experience and mentorship - and the world is your financial oyster....



Visit our Agent's Page  where we share all the detail about our

Fortitude South Africa Agent Programme.

 Visit our Referrer's Page  and learn more about our Fortitude South Africa Referrer Programme.

On our External Agent Manager's Page  we share more about our

Fortitude South Africa External Agent Manager Programme.