Honorary Agents

Our “Honorary Agent” Programme is very close to our hearts. Our Honorary Agents are hardworking individuals wanting to better their own circumstances, and we'd like to assist them as far as possible.

The Fortitude South Africa Honorary Agent Programme is open to all South Africans over the age of eighteen, who earn an income by means of donations from others. 


We are looking for interpreters that may assist with explaining the

Fortitude South Africa Honorary Agent Programme concept to some of our prospective

Honorary Agents.


Our Honorary Agents will not be able to explain the concept of Fortitude South Africa to you, but everything is explained on our web site.

Should you wish, you may phone the founder member of Fortitude South Africa, Elmarie

on 071 712 5395 or send her an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the Fortitude South Africa concepts or the Honorary Agent programme.

You may have received a leaflet from one of our Honorary Agents. If you’re not a Business Owner, please hand the leaflet to your local supermarket owner, your dentist, local school, petrol station owner – you name it. Ask them to please quote the specific Agent Number when they join

Fortitude South Africa.

The said Honorary Agent will receive 50% of the monthly fee as a commission – on an on-going basis, while the Business Owner that has joined from the leaflet, is an active, paying client of

Fortitude South Africa.


Meet some of our Honorary Agents -


Rickey lives in Johannesburg, but works throughout Gauteng. Rickey will not hear you when you speak to him and he does not talk the way we do. Rickey lip-reads very well, and communicates very well by means of writing.

Rickey aspires to become a mechanical engineer, and we trust that this programme will assist him in fulfilling his dream.



Gerda lives - with her family, in Danville Pretoria. We often meet Gerda on Olympus street in Pretoria East, and her lovely smile brightens up the day for many motorists.

Gerda is one of our Honorary Agents. It will be superb if our Honorary Agent programme can assist Gerda and her family to meet all their needs.





Christiaan has a young son and as a dad, he would like to provide for his beautiful little boy. 

Christiaan works mostly on Lynnwood Road, but at times also in other areas.


Lynette is a very friendly lady who lives in Pretoria North. Lynette mostly works on Olympus street in Pretoria East, but also at times in other areas.

As with our other Honorary Agents, Lynette hopes to improve her circumstances, and we trust the Fortitude South Africa Honorary Agent Programme may be instrumental to Lynette achieving her goals.



Pieter and Thinus

Pieter and Thinus work from Lynnwood Road in Pretoria East - come rain or sunshine.

Pieter shares - "winter is cold, but it's far easier to spend the very long hours in the winter sun, than standing here all day in summer, as in summer it gets scorching hot out here".

We trust that with the assistance of the Fortitude South Africa Honorary Agent Programme, Pieter and Thinus will be able to afford what they yearn for.



Then main challenge we are facing with our Honorary Agent Programme, is the fact that most of our Honorary Agents do not have a bank account - therefore commission payment can not be done by means of a simple EFT. For this reason only, we are limiting the number of Honorary Agents we accept onto the programme, for now.

As you read, we are working on resolving this challenge. We firmly believe - there is a solution to everything in life - it is up to us to find that solution. Watch this space!

Should you know of an individual or a family that may benefit from our Honorary Agent Programme, kindly complete your detail below, and we'll be in contact soonest.




(Please ensure that you have This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as contact in you email service. We make use of photos and videos in most of our communications. Please check all your folders in your email service, for emails from us, once you've submitted your detail to us).


Should you have any questions, drop us an email to honagents@fortitudesa.com