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Our "Favourite Businesses Page", "Featured Businesses Page" and "Propitious  Businesses Page" are all three pages where Businesses and Service Providers may enjoy additional exposure- over and above the exposure our Fortitude South Africa Business Index offers.


Favourite Businesses Page - by invitation only.

Featured Businesses Page - should your business be en route one of our frequent road trips, we stop by - at no additional travel and expenses cost, to interview you, take the necessary photos and make a short video.

Propitious Businesses Page - should your business not be en route one of our frequent road trips, and our commitments and schedule allow, we'll be happy to take a day trip - at an additional travel and expenses fee, to interview you, take the necessary photos and make a short video.

Just complete your detail on the relevant page, and we'll be in contact to discuss the process, requirements and fees.... we'd love! to spend some time with you at your business.


It is an absolute pleasure, introducing you to Ludwig's Roses -


Ludwig’s Roses was established in 1971, north of Pretoria. From small beginnings, through hard work and passion our specialist nursery has grown to become the strongest rose brand in South Africa. Our strength lies in the vast variety that we stock and in the quality plants that we propagate.

Visiting any one of our rose centres is an experience for the senses. Come and let her beauty inspire you.

Roses can be purchased and planted all year round. Let us colour your garden with the rose that grows!

Do visit the web site of Ludwig's Roses as well as their FaceBook Page




Should your business be in a town or city along the route of one of our scheduled road trips, and you wish for your business to feature on the Featured Businesses Page at no travel cost, complete your detail below, and we'll contact you to make the necessary arrangements for a visit to your business. 

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Should you have any questions, drop us an email to featured@fortitudesa.com