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When in Pretoria, levitate over to -

where the lapwings and lories frolic in the luscious greenery, the larder is laden with legendary dishes... the lissomness of the waitrons astound, lively larking is the order of the day and luculent culinary expertise entice your palate.... you will be lured back again and again, languor will fade away and lasting friendships will be made in the lushness of the Laughing Chefs@Lucit larg'ess..... 





Contact Detail -


PHONE (012) 329 6950

FAX (086) 669 5145

 (072) 511 4946  /  (082) 823 7846 
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  Laughing Chefs @ Lucit Restaurant

217 Soutpansberg Road, Rietondale















 Do visit the luscious web site of LaughingChefs@Lucit

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